Northern California Deer & Bear Hunting

Please see Pack Trips for rates for Spot and Dunnage Trips during hunting season.

For current rates call our local California Fish and Game Department at (530) 225-2852, the Redding office or your local Fish and Game office in your city. Long Beach, California, is our area headquarters for district 5. 

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Hunting (B-2 Zone)

Bow Season

Opens the 3rd Saturday in August for DEER and BEAR for 23 consecutive days. 

Rifle Season

Opens the 3rd Saturday in September for 37 consecutive days. Deer and Bear run concurrently with bear season lasting till 1700 bears are tagged. The most bears are tagged in Trinity County. 

Fees & Forms

Non-Resident’s Hunters Fees & Forms:
1) Bring a Hunter Safety certificate with you from your state or country (international).

Non-resident license fee:
Please call California Department of Fish and Game or check out their website:

Deer Tag: Please Call California Department of Fish and Game.

New fees come out every May 1st