Wilderness Pack Trips

Coffee Creek Ranch offers a variety of horseback riding activities from the 2-hour ride to Wilderness Pack Trips high in the Trinity Alps Wilderness area. Access to the pack trip locations is dependent on snow and trail conditions so call us and see if the location of your choice is available. All pack trips must be booked ahead of time. Dates for pack trip hunts for archery and rifle seasons are detailed on our hunting page. 

Pack train in Trinity Alps

The Trinity Alps Wilderness Area is over 517,000 acres of old growth forest, granite peaks and 130 lakes, named for the miners, ranchers, and wildlife that frequented each area in earlier times.  

The lakes that we pack into on a regular basis are Union, Foster, Sugar Pine, Stoddard, and Lion Lake. Trail heads we use are the North, South & East Fork of Coffee Creek, Big Flat, Swift Creek, Long Canyon, and Stuart’s Fork. We will take hunters any place, as long as it is safe for our animals. All lakes are located within the wilderness area, and do require permits. Permits can be obtained through the ranch for your convenience at an extra cost. 

Wrangler leading pack train


The packer takes you and your gear in by horseback to a designated campsite by a lake or stream. On a predetermined day the packer returns for you. 


Your gear is brought to a designated spot by horse while you hike at your leisure. 

Each pack horse can carry 125 – 130 lbs of dead weight.

Pack trip at Doe Lake, Trinity Alps

Rates & Requirements

> Saddle animal $200.00 per day
> Pack stock $200.00 per day
> Packer, includes horse $300.00 per day
> Assistant Packer, includes horse $250.00 per day 

> Cabin: $170 per double occupancy +$50.00 per extra person (breakfast incl.) 

 > Trails over 7 miles one way incur an extra $250.00 daily charge 

Horse trailer can carry 7 horses max. per haul.

*Prices do not include trucking to and from trailhead

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